New Life Christian Center Vision Statement

Our purpose is to bring people to Jesus Christ and membership to His family, developing them to Christ-like maturity and to equip them for their ministry in the church

Mission Statement for Missions:

We will fulfill the vision for our church in the area of Missions by finding creative ways as well as proven methods to reach the world around us in sharing God’s love for all people, with the intention of leading individuals to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Providing our church family with practical hands on opportunities in our neighboring communities we hope to educate, and equip our members to step beyond the limitations of the church building and their own fears to empower them to take the ministry of Jesus to the far ends of the earth. In our goal to bring our church family to maturity in their faith to live out the gospel reaching the least and the lost we hope that our missions opportunities would serve as a springboard propelling individuals into the ministry that God has given them a passion for in the advancement of the kingdom of God.  We will use a variety of   methods to communicate our mission, such as using Facebook, newsletters, blogs and power point presentations to inspire and inform.

Some ideas to include other ministries working together toward achieving our goal would include:

1. Kenya Fundraising ideas that would include the children/youth: Educating them to the needs of our friends in Bungoma through a Missions presentation on a Sunday morning with a question and answer for the kids.

2. Combined women’s ministry/missions effort: “The Father’s Heart” ministry outreach to women in Warminster Heights in February close to Valentine’s Day

3. Combining children’s ministry/ missions:  exposing children to a local nursing home to sing some songs and share memory scripture verses.